💧 Your heat pump is leaking water

During the first months of use, your heat pump will experience a condensation phenomenon, which is quite normal.
This will result in more or less significant water flows, only when the heat pump is in operation, which will gradually diminish.
To avoid condensate flow, we recommend that you install a condensate drain kit (optional).

To install it, simply plug the plug into the drain hole below the heat pump.
For optimal installation of the kit, make sure that the heat pump is elevated 100mm above the floor with solid, moisture-resistant studs.

In case of doubt about the origin of the leak, just turn off your heatpump, make sure it's not having any frost on it, then let the filter pump run and see if there's any leaking.

If your product is out of warranty (more than 2 years or more than 3 years for the Jetline Premium only), you can order the spare parts on our website (link on order parts website).

If your product is still under warranty (less than 2 years or less than 3 years for the Jetline Premium only), fill out the form (available here), attaching your purchase invoice and a photo of the problem as an attachment.