Choosing a heat pump

The choice of heat pump must be done with the following criterias :

- Volume of the pool
- Isolation of the pool (in-ground, semi-underground, aboveground have a different rate)
- Geographical area and the altitude
- Sunshine exposure
- Insulation cover (bubble cover, roller shutter)
- Temperature you want to reach

For example: In the Paris region, for a swimming pool of 8 x 4 m and 1.5 m deep (totaling 42 m3), you will have to opt for a Poolex Jetline Selection 95 heat pump.

It is best if your pond is equipped with a bubble cover or roller shutter to prevent temperature loss during the night.

Although the recommended water temperature to avoid damaging the liner in your pond is 27 ° C, you may want a higher temperature (30 ° C), which requires extra effort from your heat pump. In this case, we advise you to oversize the power of your heat pump by opting for a larger model than expected. This way, you can reach the desired temperature faster without overheating your heat pump.

You can use our calculator by clicking here

Are POOLEX heat pumps 4 seasons?

Although the performance of Poolex heat pump ranges is considerable, they do not allow all-season use. Indeed, they would not offer a significant enough yield to heat an outdoor pool in winter and allow swimming.

In contrast, the Hybrid ranges fall into the category of 4-season heat pumps: its integrated electric heater allows it to continue operating where other heat pumps stop. You even have the possibility to couple the 2 energies (hydro-thermal + electric) for a faster heating.