Error Code E13 (Full inverter models)

Problem :

Displaying of the error code "err 13". The heat pump does not start.

Origin of the problem :

This problem corresponds to an excessive air temperature (greater than 43°C).

Resolution :

When the outside air temperature is really high, you just have to wait for the temperatures to go down.

If the heat pump is in full sunlight, it is possible that the water temperature sensor measurement is distorted due to the temperature rise of the heat pump chassis.

If this is the case, we simply advise you to move the outside temperature probe.

To do this, please remove the top cover.

Then unscrew the temperature probe holder located in the corner above the evaporator :

Once unscrewed, please remove it from its housing, and leave it in the open air (see attached photo), the best is to attach it to the evaporator with a clamp :


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