Simple installation of my POOLEX heat pump


How to install my POOLEX heat pump?



How to adjust the bypass?

The Bypass Kit is a kit with 3 valves, 2 T, 2 elbows 50 mm diameter, 1 stripper and 1 glue.

It will allow you to easily make your hydraulic connection.

Set the bypass and the adjustment valves as follows:

  • V1 valve completely open
  • V2 valve completely open
  • V3 valve half open

We recommend that you only half open your intermediate valve to prevent your heat pump from getting too bad due to too much water pressure.

If your adjustment is correct, your heat pump manometer will display:



Important Note: The position of the gauge needle also depends on the outside temperature. Outside the summer, it is not uncommon for the needle to be positioned below 300 PSI while your heat pump is running. This is perfectly normal given the ambient air temperature.



How to make the hydraulic connection?

To make a hydraulic connection with By Pass kit please follow these steps:

  • Step 1: Take the necessary steps to cut your pipes
  • Step 2: Cut the PVC pipes with a saw by making a straight cut
  • Step 3: Deburr the ends of the cut pipes with glass paper
  • Step 4: Apply stripper on the ends of the pipes that will be connected
  • Step 5: Apply the glue in the same place
  • Step 6: Join the hoses using the By pass fittings
  • Step 7: Perform your hydraulic assembly
  • Step 8: Clean the remaining glue on the PVC

The filter should be cleaned regularly to keep the water in the system clean and to avoid problems with the dirt or clogging of the filter.


How to access the electrical board?



How to make the electrical connection?

To make an electrical connection, please follow these steps:

  • Step 1: Remove the screws needed to dismantle the panel and access the electrical board
  • Step 2: Insert the cable into the heat pump unit through the opening provided for this purpose
  • Step 3: Attach the cable to the terminal according to the L / N / (single-phase) or R / S / T / N (three-phase) marks. Make the connection correctly by following the marks and the color of the cables
  • Step 4: Close the heat pump panel carefully
  • Step 5: Properly connect the signal cable ends to the central control box


What are the P1 and P2 terminals?

Terminals P1 and P2 allow you to connect the filter pump (or auxiliary pump) to your heat pump to program a servo.


What type of cable is needed to connect the ACAN?

For the electrical connection of your Poolex heat pump, it is recommended to use a power cable RO2V3 x 2.5mm².


How to drive filtration through your POOLEX PAC?

If you wish to drive the filter pump through the heat pump, you must connect your filter pump to your heat pump via terminals P1 and P2.

To do this, know that:
If the consumption of your filter pump does not exceed 5 amperes (1000W) you can connect directly to the P1 / P2 terminals with a standard 220-volt power relay to be coupled with a 20-amp magnetothermal protection.

Above 5 amps, you must go through a power relay to make your connections


What is the ideal distance from the heat pump to my pond?

There really is no ideal distance to install your heat pump compared to your pond.
The point is to make the right compromise between a sufficient distance to minimize the noise and a correct distance between your PAC and your pond to avoid the loss of piping.

However, consider installing a 30 milliampere magnetothermal protection at the meter outlet to protect the line and the pump. There is no risk of electrocution but we advise you to place the CAP at 10m from the pool to reduce noise.