Winterizing your heat pump

To winterize your heat pump, please follow these steps:

  • Turn off the heat pump
  • Close BY-PASS valves 1 and 2 and open valve 3
  • Disassemble the two pool water inlet and outlet connections on the side of the heat pump to drain the water condenser and avoid the risk of freezing
  • Screw back the two connections of one turn to avoid intrusion of foreign matter into the condenser
  • Check that nothing has lodged under the heat pump and clean with a vacuum cleaner or sweeper
  • Carefully wrap the heat pump in its winter cover


Some POOLEX heat pump models also have a cap on the side of the heat exchanger to allow faster emptying. Simply unscrew the plug and wait for the exchanger to empty.


Winter cover

Specially designed for Poolstar heat pumps, it protects the pump during the winter period. It is made of EVA, dust-proof, anti-UVA and anti-UVB material. This cover is available as an option.

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